Talks and presentations I’ve given at various conferences and meet-ups over the years.

The Road to Damascus, or FRP and Me Link to heading

NSSpain 2017-09-14

A talk given at NSSpain about my experiences of looking into using Functional Reactive Programming with RxSwift.

Be Your Own Backend Developer Link to heading

Code Mobile, Chester, 2017-04-18

An overview of Serve Side Swift. A video recording was made, but unfortunately it isn’t available.

Safer Programming with Types Link to heading

Swift London, 2016-10-25

A lightning talk from a Swift London meetup

Core Data: It’s not Dead Yet Link to heading

FrenchKit 2016-09-23

I spoke at the first FrenchKit conference about how Core Data is still relevant.

Being Imperfect in a Perfect World Link to heading

NSBarcelona, 2016-09-21

I spoke at the NSBarcelona meetup about the choices we make about the patterns we use in development.

Swift London Pre-WWDC Panel Link to heading

Swift London, 2016-06

I was a late addition to this, which is my excuse for looking so scruffy.

Dependency Management with Carthage Link to heading

CocoaHeads Stockholm, 2016-05

An updated of my previous year’s talk about using Carthage for dependency management.

Carthage Link to heading

NSLondon 2015-07-30

A talk at NSLondon about using Carthage for dependency management.

What Haskell Teaches me about Writing Swift Link to heading

AltConf, San Francisco, 2015-06

I had a chance to present a longer version of the lightning talk I gave at Swift Summit. These are my personal thoughts about writing Swift after knowing some Haskell.

What Haskell Taught me about Swift Link to heading

Swift Summit, London, 2015-03-21

A lightning talk about a few things that knowing Haskell helped me with Swift

Fizz Buzz in Swift Link to heading

NSLodon, 2014-08-14

A talk I gave about different approaches to solving the Fizz Buzz problem in in Swift, along with some thoughts about the new language.

This was my first mention in iOS Dev Weekly.

Adding 3rd Party Code to your Project Link to heading

iOSCon 2014, London, 2014-05-15

Covering the usage of Git and CocoaPods for adding dependencies to an Xcode project.

DVCS at LiDG Link to heading

LiDG, London, 2010-10-08

A short presentattion to the London iPhone Developer Group in the Regent Street Apple store.